1. General Terms of Use and Operation of the Website 

The website www.repairlogic.gr is an online store, which belongs to the company ( REPAIR LOGIC O.E Kifisias 234-236 & Kassaveti 1 Kifisia Athens Greece VAT: 801313409 Tax authority: Kifisias 2155555941 repairlogic.kif@gmail.com, (hereinafter “Business”). The legal representative of the Company is Kouzis – Pagonis. The contact details of the Company are: telephone:2155555941 And e-mail: repairlogic.kif@gmail.com
Our Company trades goods remotely through its online store “(repairlogic.gr)”, complying with the requirements of Law 2251/1994 and the current legislation. In our online store are available for sale used apple mobile phones 

Please, before making any use (browsing / registering / trading) of this website, carefully read the following terms and conditions that govern its use and operation. Every visitor / user / customer with the use in any way of www.repairlogic.gr, states clearly, explicitly and unreservedly that he fully accepts the listed terms of use and operation, as well as any other condition that meets the conditions of the law and may be located within the mentioned website and must fully comply with them and with the current legislation governing transactions. 

2. Liabilities and Limitation of Business Liability 

Our Company is solely responsible for the information provided by it on this website, if it owes and is able in accordance with the provisions of the law to know their accuracy and legality and without prejudice to any typographical errors or minor omissions. For this reason, special care is taken by us in complying with the general obligation of control and provision for the content of this website. However, human errors, malfunctions of the Company’s network or computer systems that may affect the proper provision of information to consumers about product prices, availability or features may not be ruled out. 

We advise visitors / users of the website www.repairlogic.gr, in case they perceive any incorrect information (eg unusually high or low price of a product), before placing an order, to contact the service customers on tel. or by e-mail to repairlogic.kif@gmail.com  for the immediate correction of the error, the provision of clarifications regarding the price, the characteristics of the product and the more efficient provision of the our services to the consumer public. 

In case of incorrect registration, the Company reserves the right not to execute an order, even confirmed, if the characteristics (price, properties) of the products included in the order, do not correspond to reality and to the observed price lists. In accordance with the provisions of the current legislation that apply to matters of liability for information society service providers, our Company is relieved of responsibility for the content that third parties may publish on this website. 

Our Company declares that it closely monitors the level of security of its services offered in the present electronic environment, by the use of anti-virus programs and malware. However, visitors / users are advised, even while browsing this website, to use anti-virus

software, as the Company is not responsible for any damage to their electronic device for these reasons. 

The Company is obliged to deliver the ordered products with the agreed properties and without real defects. In the case of a defective product, the liability of our Company is limited to the obligation to replace it, provided that the requirements of the law are met and the terms of the Company’s Return Policy are met. You can find out more about Return Policy by clicking here

The Company is not responsible for side effects and / or damages from the use of ordered products due to incorrect choice of products by the user, careless or incorrect use of the products or the fault of the manufacturer, such as incomplete instructions accompanying the products, quality of construction, safety of materials and real defects. 

The Company is not responsible for any damage caused to a counterparty or a third party by its illegal behavior, as long as it fulfills its own obligations. Third parties who are objectively responsible, not restrictively mentioned, those who exercise parental responsibility or custody of children, legal assistants and juvenile commissioners, those who have added another, as well as any third party bound by law or by contract with our online store, are not exempt. from the obligation for the consideration and possibly for compensation of the Company on the sole reason that the person directly contracted with the Company acted illegally or without their consent. 

The Company does not have to know if the information provided by the user is true, which it considers as the real owner of them. In the contract with the Company, the use by the counterparty of the option that provides for the payment of the order by credit / debit card and the consequent provision of the data of this legal beneficiary, binds the legal beneficiary of the credit / debit card, regardless of the person using the credit / debit card and provides the requested information, therefore the consent of the legal beneficiary is irrefutably presumed as his credit / debit card is permissible and legally charged at the price of the sale. The illegal or without the consent of the legal beneficiary use of a credit / debit card for the contract with our online store, does not release its legal beneficiary, from the obligations arising from this contract, nor from any claims of our Company for compensation from illegal act or omission of the credit / debit card user. 

The entry on the website www.repairlogic.gr, using the personal codes, which a member set during his registration, constitutes a presumption about the identity of the incoming person, in the sense that the use of the codes is considered in each case, what was done by the member to whom these codes correspond. Consequently, the activity that the user develops after entering and staying in our online store, completely binds the owner of the codes, whether he was the one who entered and used the services of the online store or anyone else who used these codes with or without the consent / approval of the code holder. Therefore, the registered members of our online store are solely responsible for the security of their codes and for any damage caused to the Company, to them or to any third party by any unauthorized use of them. For this reason, our members must not disclose to third parties their personal passwords in our online store and log out of their account, after completing their order / browsing, especially in cases where they have entered from third party computer or their personal computer is accessible by third parties. It is recommended

to our members, as they inform us immediately in any case of loss, leakage, interception and / or illegal use of their passwords by a person not authorized by them, in order to assist them in recovering / changing their passwords and in protecting them and their personal data. 

The Company is not responsible for any temporary or permanent inability to provide its services, as well as for delays in the acceptance, execution and delivery of ordered products for reasons not attributable to its fault, such as, for example, reasons of force majeure (extreme weather events, natural disasters, emergencies, strikes, fire, war), malfunctions of the cooperating courier companies, accidental deterioration or destruction of the products before delivery to the user and after they are sent for shipment, illegal interventions of the counterparty or third party, malfunctioning Bank) or the host service provider (Host Provider) or the Internet service provider (ISP) or the access service provider (Access Provider) or the user terminal equipment, incorrect provision of data by the user and generally for each incident which prevents the smooth fulfillment of its contractual obligations. 

The Company does not bear any responsibility for the content of other websites, whose links are hosted on www.repairlogic.gr. It is also not liable for any damage to the user from risks that occur in the electronic environment of a Banking Institution, an advertiser on this website or a cooperating courier company, even if the referral to these websites is made by a link to this website with “hyperl” “Banner” etc. The responsibility for the content, the information, the protection of the personal data of their visitors and the quality of the services provided are entirely borne by the owners, administrators and beneficiaries of these aforementioned websites, whom it visits with at the user’s own risk. 

The Company is not in a position, nor is it obliged to examine the validity, truth, completeness and accuracy of the information provided by the users, personal or not, on the website of its online store. The Company does not make any corrections or interventions in the data and information provided by the user, without the prior information – consent of the latter. The Company is released from any liability for any damage caused to the user, if the latter violates the terms of use and operation of this site, makes an untrue, inaccurate and incomplete provision of its necessary and non-data, develops illegal behavior during its browsing this website, violates the rules of good behavior of users, legal or customary and improperly fulfills its legal and / or contractual obligations through acts or omissions. The user explicitly accepts and acknowledges the exemption, as mentioned above, of the Company, bears full responsibility for his actions and is obliged to compensate the injured. 

Our Company delivers the ordered products to be sent to its customers, to the cooperating courier companies, to which it provides the necessary information of the consignee – counterparty in order to enable the delivery of orders. The Company is released from any liability for any damage to the consignee or third party that may be caused by the delivery of the ordered products by the cooperating courier companies to a person other than the counterparty, if this person has been nominated by the latter. 

In contracts in which the supplier delivers the goods to the consumer, the risk of loss or damage to the goods is transferred to the consumer when he or a third party designated by the consumer and different from the carrier has acquired physical possession of the goods. The risk is transferred to the consumer, upon delivery of the goods to the carrier, if the carrier has been ordered to do so by the consumer, without prejudice to the consumer’s rights vis-.-Vis the carrier (Article 4d Law 2251/1994).

The answers provided by the experienced staff of our online store, answers to user questions, advice and information provided by this website are completely valid and reliable, but are given subject to the accuracy, completeness and truthfulness of the information provided by the user. an issue that concerns him, the accuracy of which (information) we are not in a position to do, nor do we have to confirm. In case of provision of untrue, inaccurate and / or incomplete information by the user, the Company is released from the responsibility for the validity of the advice provided to the user and from the responsibility for damage to the user from information inappropriate for his needs and / or advice. 

3. Obligations and Rights of Visitors / Users / Parties 

The parties to the online store www.repairlogic.gr have the rights and obligations provided in articles 513 et seq. and must respect the provisions of the Civil Code that regulate the capacity for legal action and the general validity of legal acts. In particular, the valid conclusion of a contract with our online store requires the full legal capacity of the contracting parties. Therefore, the prospective consumers of our services and products validly contract with our Company if they are adults, that is, they have completed the eighteenth year of their age and are not in partial or complete deprivation of legal aid. Otherwise the invalidity of the legal act is absolute and the legal act is considered as if it was not done. If the legal act is annulled for any reason, the benefits of the parties to the legal act are sought according to the provisions of unjust enrichment (Civil Code 904 et seq.). 

The users of this website, accepting the listed terms are obliged, when concluding any form of contract with our online store, to provide accurately their complete and true information, required for the successful conclusion of a valid contract. Your contract with our Company is considered concluded exclusively and only from the moment you receive a relevant “order confirmation” e-mail from our Company (or corresponding sms content) and terminates after the full payment of the order and the delivery of the products. 

All terms herein are essential. The violation, in any way, of any of these terms, by the visitor / user entails the sanctions of the current legislation and the obligation of the user to compensate any damage of the Company or a third party from his illegal and objective behavior in these terms. In the event of a breach of the Term, the Company may deny the user access to its website by excluding him from the services it offers, delete his account, including the information communicated by him without any notice, and exercise all the rights granted to him. the law. The non-exercise by the Company of its present terms or of its statutory rights does not imply its waiver of these rights. 

The visitors / users are obliged to act within the framework of the law of the Greek state, including the generally accepted rules of European and International Law and to exercise their rights within the limits set by good faith, good morals and the social and economic purpose. of their rights. In particular, they are obliged not to use this website (e-mail of the website, order and registration forms of users, chat rooms (forums), accounts of our online store) or any other way of expression related to it (social media)), for posting, publishing, transmitting information, data and content in general, in any form that is illegal, unlawful, abusive, defamatory and / or false, threatening, deceptive, extortionate, abusive, provocative, offensive, obscene , vulgar, blasphemous, pornographic, racist. The disclosed content is also prohibited to incite to commit a crime or misdemeanor, to constitute itself or

its disclosure through this website, a criminal act, to discriminate, to violate any kind of confidentiality, to infringe generally. Users are also prohibited from posting, above all, advertisements of any form and content, personal data of third parties, sensitive or not, confidential information about the Company or its associates, “spam messages”, “chain letters”, “pirated” or other malware, as well as works and data protected by copyright and industrial property law. 

In addition, visitors / users of our online store are expressly prohibited from interfering in the format, function, services, content, databases and any component of this website, using any mechanism, malicious or non-malicious, electronic or non-electronic process, sending malicious files such as viruses, spam messages, capable of affecting, damaging, suspending, interrupting and generally blocking the smooth operation of this site or its connection, access and use by other users and risk of providing the services it offers. The Company reserves the right to seek redress for the damages that may be caused to it by illegal behaviors such as those described above as well as the criminal prosecution of all those responsible. 

Furthermore, users are advised to maintain an acceptable and moderate attitude when interacting and communicating with other users on this website, respecting each other and the administrators of this website and not adopting behaviors that are contrary to the Code of Conduct in the Code of Conduct. (Netiquette). 

The visitors / users accept that the Company does not bear any responsibility for any problem arising from third parties acting contrary to the above. 

4. Intellectual Property 

All works included in the website www.repairlogic.gr, in the form of text, image, design, photography, graphics and logos, animation (computer animation), software, database, music and audiovisual excerpts, commercials and slogans, are the intellectual property of the Company, without prejudice to the copyright of third party beneficiaries and are protected by Law 2121/1993 and the relevant provisions of Greek law. 

No part of this site may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photographic or photocopying, and in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the Company. The names, images, logos and insignia representing www.repairlogic.gr or third parties and their products or services, are exclusive trademarks and are protected by the relevant trademark laws. Their appearance on this website should not be construed as a transfer or assignment of their license or right of use. 

All hyperlinks on this website, simple or remote, of any kind, such as banners, referral links to partner courier companies’ websites and secure referral payment links / debit cards, as well as frames, meet the requirements of the law and are placed with the consent of the owners / beneficiaries of the referral websites.

5. Protection of Personal Data 

Our Company considers the protection of the personal data and the privacy of the visitors / users of its website www.repairlogic.gr to be of paramount importance. The processing of personal data is done in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation of Personal Data Protection (FGD 2016/679 EC), any more specific national and European legislation for certain areas, the current Greek legislation for the protection of personal data, as well as the protection of personal data and privacy in the field of electronic communications (Law 3471/2006, as applicable) and the decisions of the Personal Data Protection Authority (APDPX). You can find out in detail about the security of the data, the data we collect, how we use the information we collect, your rights and in general about the Privacy Policy applied by our Company, in the special page we created for this purpose, by clicking .here 

6. Identification Files – Cookies Policy 

“Cookies” are self-installed text files, with short content, that are allowed to be stored on the visitor / user’s computer when visiting a website. 

On the website www.repairlogic.gr we use cookies to manage the sessions, to improve its operation, easy connection to the user account, the display of personalized content, such as suggestions and promotional material that best suits their interests. Cookies also help us to analyze how visitors use our website, how they browse and to identify points that may face difficulties. Finally, with the use of cookies we can and do collect anonymous statistics to better understand the use of www.repairlogic.gr, in order to improve its structure and content. The visitor / user can delete the “Cookies” files from his terminal equipment at any time. You can find out more about the Cookies Policy used by this website by clicking here

7. Transaction Security 

Our Company follows all legal procedures to ensure the maximum amount of secure transactions for all users, without storing in any way any information about credit, debit or prepaid cards. Every transaction made through this website is governed by International and European Law, which regulates issues related to e-commerce and distance selling, as well as the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994). 

The website www.repairlogic.gr uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, with encryption for secure electronic transactions. SSL has been established worldwide as the most secure protocol for certifying websites to internet users and for encrypting data between internet users and web servers. This encrypts all of your personal information so that it cannot be read or altered as it is transmitted over the Internet. The browsers Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari support SSL.

8. Shipping Products and Return Policy 

All products available from the website www.repairlogic.gr  have clear indications of their availability as well as their delivery time. 

During the registration and throughout the processing of your order, you may receive automated messages (email, sms) that will inform you about the progress of your order. Unsubscribing these updates is not possible, as they are not promotional material but a prerequisite for the proper progress of your order. It is recommended that you keep these messages throughout our transaction. 

If for reasons of force majeure (bad weather conditions, strikes, etc.) it is not possible to deliver the products within the predetermined time, we will inform you via e-mail, in order to tell us if you wish, under these conditions, the completion of your order. 

Wanting to reduce the lack of physical contact with the products available due to the nature of online shopping, our Company, through its website www.repairlogic.gr, offers a detailed description and a clear picture of each product, in order for the final recipient to be covered to the maximum, while still retaining the option of returning the product or withdrawing. You can find out more information about how to send and receive products as well as the Return Policy by clicking here

9. Payment Methods 

Our online store www.repairlogic.gr, for your best service, supports various payment methods, either through the electronic payment service (e-banking), or by cash on delivery, or by using credit, debit or prepaid card. Due to immediacy and ecological awareness, the sales document (Invoice or Retail Receipt) is sent electronically, to the email you have stated. If you still wish to receive a hard copy of the sales document, please note it in the comments of your order. You can learn more information about payment methods for purchases from www.repairlogic.gr by clicking here

10. Advertising and Commercial Communication 

The website of our online store may include ads in any form, such as banner ads, text links and frames. Our Company respects the provisions of the current legislation on unfair competition and consumer protection (Laws 146/1914 and 2251/1994 respectively). In particular, we refrain from unfair commercial practices, respecting the freedom of choice of our potential customers and the laws that govern the operation of e-commerce. We act with professional conscience following the codes of conduct that bind our business activity motivated by the excellent service of consumers through advanced technology services in a friendly and easy to use environment. We provide the visitor / user of this website with all the essential information about our products, complete information on consumer rights and thorough information on the general and individual terms of transactions in order to be fully informed before signing up with our online store. 

Offers, discounts, prizes, advertising contests and games, to the extent permitted under applicable law (on unfair competition and consumer protection), are clearly identifiable.

Access to the terms under which one can take advantage of the offers or under which one can participate in tenders is easy and the relevant terms are clearly and precisely presented. Furthermore, the possible provision of samples and gifts for advertising purposes, without prior order, is legally carried out in a lawful manner and with respect to applicable law (art. 4 par. 5 subpara. B. Law 2251/1994). Promotions carried out with the gift offer are valid until stocks are exhausted. Our e-shop, with respect to your privacy, will never send you unsolicited e-mail via spamming. The users of the website www.repairlogic.gr agree to receive free messages with advertising content and information messages about the online store offers, discounts and contests, if they subscribe to the Newsletter of this website or after their transaction with our online store, always reserving the right to delete from the relevant mailing lists in an easy and immediate way. 

Our Company respects the professional rules that govern the independence, the dignity and the ethics of the profession, the professional secrecy, the honesty towards the consumers and the colleagues and the rules of ethics (art. 7 PD 131/2003). 

11. Alternative Dispute Resolution 

Our Company, having as a priority the best service of its customers, is always at your disposal to solve any problem or question you may encounter. For this reason you can contact us by email or by phone. However, if it is considered that the transaction between us violates any of your rights, you can, according to Directive 2013/11 / EC, which was incorporated in Greece with JM 70330/2015, make use of the possibility of out-of-court electronic resolution of consumer dispute through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process, which is provided to consumers residing in the European Union. The ADR process can be moved through the platform of the European Alternative Dispute Resolution Agency: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/index_en.htm. The electronic resolution of the dispute is undertaken and processed (within 90 days) by the Independent Authority “Consumer Ombudsman” (http://www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr/), which has been certified by the European Commission as a recognized national body for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes . The above does not limit to anything the rights that you and we have to resort to the competent courts. 

12. Applicable Law – Jurisdiction 

In the disputes that may arise from the transaction relations of the online store www.repairlogic.gr, applicable law, according to the turnover of the online store, the geographical identification of potential consumers, the place of permanent establishment, operation and economic activity of the Company and its country of origin, subject to the exceptions of the law on consumer protection and other criteria and discrimination of laws, is the law of the Greek state, including the generally accepted rules of International Law, as well as of International Conventions, which since their ratification by law, are an integral part of Greek domestic law and prevail over any other contrary provision of law (art. 28, par. 1 Constitution 1975/1986/2001). The applicable law, among other things, governs the undertaking and exercise of our relevant activity as well as the quality and content of the services provided, the specifications of the products and the differences that arise from the contract or the law. For the resolution of disputes from contracts for the provision of services

and products of the Company to consumers and the general use of the services of our online store, without prejudice to the provisions of article 11 of Law 2251/94, the Greek Courts are competent and against place competent the Courts of Athens. 

13. Modifications of Terms 

The Company reserves the right to modify freely, unilaterally and without notice the terms of use and operation of this website and in general, the terms of transactions of its online store within the law. The posting on this website alone is sufficient for any new term or modification or removal of an existing term to take effect, subject to orders already confirmed by the Company. Visitors / users should periodically check for changes to these terms. Only the posting of terms in this document and in any other part of this website, satisfies the conditions of informing the visitors / users for any changes in the terms. The use of the website www.repairlogic.gr and the services provided in it presupposes but also confirms the acceptance by the visitor / user of the terms listed, as they apply, with the modifications described above, interventions and / or abolitions by the Company. Any invalidity of some of the terms (use – operation of website and transactions), does not result in invalidity of the rest. In case of disagreement with the content of the terms, you are requested to refrain from any action, interaction, access, transaction and use of this site. The Company reserves the right to modify, suspend, suspend the operation of this website and / or the services provided therein, for reasons of maintenance, improvement, etc., at any time and without notice, subject to the rights of users and third parties by law or by contract with the Company. 

The staff of our Company is by your side, at all times, before and after the delivery of our products, ready to contribute to any problem and / or question you may encounter. For any question, necessary clarification regarding the operation and use of our online store, complaint, as well as for any information regarding the services provided by “… (repairlogic.gr)… ..” you can contact customer service at tel. 215555941 or by email at repairlogic.kif@gmail.com